My Temporary Digs

DownloadedFileOkay, I’m back on Blogger. Sorry for the confusion but Google / Blogger really threw me for a loop.

Here is the LINK for my site for A to Z. Please visit me there. Thanks!



  1. If you keep this as your blog site, you should add some of those Twitter, FB, and other icons that make it easy to send out the links to your posts to the social media networks.

  2. Hi Steve .. I should have come here yesterday and commented … the word is getting out and I’ll add the details into my post later on …

    Good luck with all the change – a pain … thinking of you and cheers Hilary

  3. Hi glad I found you, been asking Alex, hope you get sorted soon. I had lots pf problems over the months, . Is there a followers where you are?
    Take care

  4. All blogs are weird, in one way or another. I finally gave up on Blogger and went with a hosted site using a wordpress template. Of course, going that route means that some WordPress sites – like this one – won’t accept my sign in unless I use FaceBook. LOL! It’s always something! 🙂

  5. The worst timing for this to happen. It was quite difficult to find you again but here I am. Best of luck so you can solve your problems quickly.

  6. Hey Stephen, sorry about your blog troubles, but I’m glad you found somewhere else to roost. Google has been acting a bit odd, lately, so who really knows what their reasoning is, anymore.

    Best of luck and see you at A to Z 🙂

  7. I am so sorry that blogger did that to you. What turds. I am mostly on Blogger, but out of curiosity I set up a wordpress blog within the last couple of days, its very different over here.

  8. I am shocked to hear of this, and this is one thing I have never cared for about blogger…no support. I like your new blog!! And when you begin to find your way around, you will still have all of us….Your going to love this professional polish I think….it takes time, as with any new digs.

  9. I think I left my comment on the other post below this one. . . Sorry to hear about your blogger trouble, Stephen. I’ve had some problems in the past with Blogger, and they’re like any other large corporation. It’s bad timing for the A-Z, but you’ll pull through. Good luck!

  10. My utmost sympathies on losing your blog. I had my old Angelfire site taken away from me in the fall of 2010, also without warning or being able to plead my case. I was able to save almost 1,000 files while they were still cached or available through, though some were lost.

  11. That’s horrible! And the timing. I’m sorry to hear this. I do remember this happen to Tali Roland awhile back. It took a while but she did get it recovered. You might want to check with her to find out who she contacted. Maybe you could get your blog back up and pull all the posts over here.

  12. I’m also sorry that this happened to you Stephen. Glad that you found a new home, and hope that everything is straightened out in time for A to Z.

  13. Sorry to hear about your blogging trouble! I’ve had my wordpress site for about a year and I like it well enough. This is the third year for the A-Z Challenge for me, but the first year I’m doing the challenge on my wordpress blog. We’ll see how it goes!

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